FuriaEC020 is an accelerator card for Amiga600 computers designed by Boris Krizma (Slovak Amiga HW developer) (boboo at szm dot sk), it's equipped with CPU Motorola MC68ec020/28 MHz and FPU Motorola MC68882/40 MHz, and with onboard 9.5 megs of fast memory. The quick access to the memory makes this little card a real monster, as it makes the Amiga more than 10 times faster, than the original Amiga600. The card has also ability to map rom into the fast ram, tested are roms 256 kB, 512 kB and also 1024 kB. The card also supports for Amiga600's IDE port speedup. The card is easily controlled by tool furiatune (written by Martin Kuchinka (martin at kuchinka dot cz) (see below for more information). To support inboard PCMCIA port, You need to remove 4 megs of the fast memory by 3 seconds press of Control+Amiga+Amiga.


is a simple tool, that handles all the functions of the FuriaEC020 accelerator card. You can download it directly here: furiatune (amiga executable), here is it's source code in assembler, and here is the archive containing both executable and the source code. There is no documentation in the archive, as it's very simple and straight forward.
To install, just copy the furiatune into C: directory in Your system.
To setup, just enter in your shell window:

1.> furiatune ?

and You will get list of it's options including a simple description. FuriaTune tool should work under all Amiga systems including AmigaOS 1.0 and is tested upto AmigaOS 3.1.
furiatune v1.123.12.2013better argument handling, fpu switch works both ways, etc.
furiatune v1.24.3.2014added 2 seconds delay before reboot to fix some slower ide devices synchronisation issues and so the hdd led works correctly even with ROM 1.3

Speed tests and compare:
Here are few SysInfo 4.0 screenshots, first two are with furiatune shadowrom ide on

And here is the same with ACA630/25 with acatune -maprom *

As You can see, the ACA is really slightly faster, but it has 030, while furia has only 020 cpu. No need to compare FPU speed as ACA has no FPU available. Here You can download AIBB modules for the FuriaEC020 card and for ACA630/25 card and ACA630/25 with DataBurst enabled card.
More tests will come later.
Frequently answered questions:

Here follows few pictures of furia itself, and furia installed in A600:

and here I launched LightWave 5.2 on A600 :)

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