Hi all and everyone!

My name is Martin Kuchinka. I'm one of webmasters of whole www.kuchinka.cz pages. I suppose, I can say, that I'm a programmer. I love programming and everything around. I have also other interests, like photographing with my beloved cameras, and also digital picture postproduction. I'm working on several projects, and some of them should be here around. If You wanna talk, I'm on skype (martinkuchinka), or via email (martinkuchinka@seznam.cz).
Thanks for Your donations!
Actual donations: 62 USD

Where to reach or find something by or about me?:
MorphZone talking about MorphOS and Pegasos and everything related
MorphOS Developer Connection talking about programming troubles
Great Czech Pegasos Portal

Here You can find my small tools, that I wrote... just because I needed them ;)
Project/ExecutableVersionInterested?Description/Source code
CapsLock 1.0 (9.4.2009)email mea commodity, that displays an icon on front most screen, when CapsLock key is pressed.
AutoSync 1.0 (24.2.2009)email meshell command, that synchronizes two directories (and subs)
PowerPC DisAssembler0.0 (27.9.2008)email meShell PowerPC Disassembler with few functions
Director 1.0 (9.4.2008)email mefile and directory manager
Tetris 0.1 (4.2.2008)email memy tetris game
SetYear 1.0 (9.12.2004)email meShell Command which changes current systemclock year
Attach 1.0 (18.5.2003)email meShell Command which allows You to continue with interupted large file copying
EmptyFile 1.0 (27.8.2001)click meShell Command that creates an empty file (zero bytes) of entered length
dungeon 1.0 (???)email medungeon development
SoonVersionInterested?Description/Source code
maper 2.0 (soon)email mesimple 2D map editor with basic functionality, can be simply used for 2D game development

Ambient Gamesemail me several small games suitable for Ambient (MorphOS), that run (also) in window mode and stores it's highscores to allow competition with other players and also multiplayer modes:
snake - well known snake game with several levels and features
logical - moving spheres clone
mini cars - single screen car racing game
tubus - 3D tube speed racing game
live rallyemail me2D car racing game ala death rally

my interests
my projectsmy cameras | my photos
  • PowerD
    • complete programming language for Amiga and compatible OS's (MorphOS), supports 68k and PowerPC cpus
    • tons of features, english and czech documentation
  • Simple
    • linkable library for simple graphics and others
    • PowerD graphics functions
    • requires cybergraphics.library
    • supports 24 bit graphics, 8 bit grayscales
    • loads pictures by a single function
    • very simple for programming
    • drawing functions
    • transformation functions
  • Easy3D
    • linkable library for simple 3d object loading and displaying (lightwave objects supported)
    • Warp3D.library (and compatible) required
  • PowerEd
    • PowerD source code editor
    • syntax recognition/highlight
    • code/procedure folding
    • single keypress compilation/execution
    • debugging ability for PowerD language
  • Director
    • simple file manager like DirWork or DirectoryOpus
    • completely user definable
    • source/destination selection depends on mouse button, that selects an operation
    • supports long names
    • supports 52 bit disk/file sizes

This page is under construction, it was found 13.8.2004, and latest update was made 11.8.2016.