it's a small shell command, that generates a file with defined size filled with zero bytes. it's the only function, and i guess it works quite well, uses buffers, so it's not that slow.
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what for?:
don't know, why would a programmer need file with zero bytes? say, it generates black rgb raw file with optional size ;)
where to run:
it's a shell command, so open a shell window (if you don't know how, please forget about this tool). Make sure, that the emptyfile command is somewhere, from where you can launch it (like in C: directory).
emptyfile has 3 arguments, first is the file name, second is the length in bytes, last is to show up some more information:

executablesource codeversionarchivecomment
emptyfileemptyfile.d1.0 (27.8.2001)not availableno comment

last update: 23.4.2009.