#define macro definition
#ifdef macro definition
#ifndef macro definition
#else macro definition
#endif macro definition
++ single: post/pre incrementation
-- single: post/pre decrementation
& single: address
^ single: long on address
~ single: inverse
- single: negative
+ single: useless
- operator: minus
+ operator: plus
* operator: multiple
/ operator: divide
\ operator: modulo
| operator: bit or
! operator: bit exclusive or
<< operator: shift left
>> operator: shift right
|< or <| operator: rotate left
|> or >| operator: rotate right
= condit: equal
< condit: less
> condit: bigger
<= or =< condit: less or equal
>= or => condit: bigger or equal
<> condit: not equal
&& or AND condit: logic and
|| or OR condit: logic or
ABS() constant: absolute
Abs() internal function: absolute value
ACOS() constant: arcus cosinus
ALIGN OBJECT: alignment
AllocVecPooled() internal function: allocate memory
AllocVecPooledPPC() internal function: allocate memory (ppc only)
ALWAYS WHILE definition
AMIGAE OPT: AmigaE compatibility
AND condit: logic and
And() internal function: bit and
APRE OPT: assembler like precedences
APROC assembler-only procedure
APTR same as PTR
ASIN() constant: arcus sinus
ASM inline assembler code
ATAN() constant: arcus tangents
BitCount() internal function: count of bits in long
BitSize() internal function: size of bit field in long
Bounds() internal function: bound a value
Box() internal function: draw a box
Byte() internal function: get a byte
BPTR same as PTR
BYTE global data definition
BYTE type
CASE SELECT definition
CEIL() constant: ceil value
CHAR same as UBYTE
Circle() internal function: draw a circle
CloseS() internal function: close a screen
CloseW() internal function: close a window
Colour() internal function: set default colour
CONST CONST definition
COS() constant: cosinus
COSH() constant: hyper cosinus
CPRE OPT: c/c++ like precedences
CPTR same as PTR
CPU OPT: selects processor for assembler generator
CtrlC() internal function: check if Ctrl+C pressed
CtrlD() internal function: check if Ctrl+D pressed
CtrlE() internal function: check if Ctrl+E pressed
CtrlF() internal function: check if Ctrl+F pressed
DEC multivariable decrementation
DEF variable definition
DEFB BYTE variable definition
DEFD DOUBLE variable definition
DEFF FLOAT variable definition
DEFL LONG variable definition
DEFS STRING variable definition
DEFUB UBYTE variable definition
DEFUL ULONG variable definition
DEFUW UWORD variable definition
DEFW WORD variable definition
Dispose() internal function: frees a memory
DO multiple commands on single line
DOUBLE global data definition
DPRE OPT: default/PowerD precedences
DTO FOR definition
EDEF external object variable definition
Ellipse() internal function: draw an ellipse
ELSE IF definition
ELSEIF IF definition
ELSEIFN IF definition
END multiple variable deallocation
ENDASM end of inline assembler code
ENDFOR FOR definition
ENDIF IF definition
ENDLOOP LOOP definition
ENDOPT SETOPT definition
ENDPROC end of procedure definition
ENDSUB SUB definition
ENUM ENUM constant definition
EOr() internal function: bit exclusive or
EPRE OPT: AmigaE precedences
EPROC external object PROC definition
EStrAdd() internal function: add to e-string
EStrCopy() internal function: copy to e-string
EStringF() internal function: format e-string
EStrLen() internal function: length of an e-string
EStrMax() internal function: maximal length of an e-string
Even() internal function: returns TRUE if value is even
EXCEPT procedure exception definition
EXCEPTDO procedure exception definition
EXIT early exit from loops
EXITIF early exit from loops
EXITIFN early exit from loops
EXP() constant: exponent
F2I() internal function: real to integer with rounding
FAC() constant: factorial
FALSE internal constant: 0
FileLength() internal function: returns file length
FLAG FLAG constant definition
FLOAT type
FLOOR() constant: floor value
FOR FOR definition
FPU OPT: selects coprocessor for assembler generator
FreeVecPooled() internal function: frees a pooled memory
FreeVecPooled(PPC) internal function: frees a pooled memory (ppc only)
FROM REPROC definition
GOPT global options
HEAD OPT: selects linkable head file
HiBit() internal function: highest bit in long
IF IF definition
IFN IF definition
INC multiple variable incrementation
Inp() internal function: reads byte from an input
INCBIN include binary file
InStr() internal function: position of str b in str a
INT same as WORD
IS return a list of values (it can be used in many cases)
IsAlpha() internal function: true if the character is a letter
IsBin() internal function: true if the character is a binary number
IsHex() internal function: true if the character is a hexadecimal number
IsNum() internal function: true if the character is a decimal number
JUMP jump to a label
KickVersion() internal function: true if given version is lower of equal to system
Line() internal function: draw a line
LINK OPT: add a link to linking list
LIST inlined list of arguments
LIST OF inlined list of types arguments
LN() constant: natural logarythm
LoBit() internal function: lowest bit in long
LOG() constant: decimal logarythm
LONG global data definition
LONG type
Long() internal function: get a long
LOOP LOOP definition
LowerStr() internal function: translates str to lower case
LPROC external object C compatible procedure definition
Max() internal function: bigger of two
MODULE module definition
MODULE OPT: generates binary module
MidEStr() internal function: copy somewhere to e-string
Min() internal function: smaller of two
Mouse() internal function: check if mouse pressed
MouseX() internal function: mouse position x
MouseXY() internal function: mouse position x,y
MouseY() internal function: mouse position y
NAND condit: logic negative and
NEG multiple variable negation
NEG() constant: negative value
Neg() internal function: negative value
NEW multiple variable memory allocation
New() internal function: allocate memory
NewM() internal function: allocate memory or raise
NewR() internal function: allocate memory with type or raise
NewEStr() internal function: allocate new e-string
NEWFILE internal constant: 1006
NIL internal constant: 0
NOFPU OPT: disables coprocessor for assembler generator
NOHEAD OPT: link executable file without a head
NOR condit: logic negative or
NOSOURCES OPT: don't write source lines after errors
NOSTD OPT: don't read d:lib/powerd.m module
NOT multiple variable not-ation
Not() internal function: inverse value
OBJECT OBJECT definition
OBJECT OPT: output object file name definition
Odd() internal function: returns TRUE in value is odd
OF OBJECT: linking objects
OFFSET OBJECT: item offset
OLDFILE internal constant: 1005
OpenS() internal function: open a screen
OpenW() internal function: open a window
OPT local file options
OPTIMIZE OPT: enable optimizations
OR condit: logic or
Or() internal function: bit or
OStrCmp() internal function: compares two strings ordered
OSVERSION OPT: minimal operating system version
Out() internal function: writes byte to an output
PI internal constant: 3.141592653589
Plot() internal function: draw a pixel
POW() constant: power
Pow() internal function: power
PPC LIBRARY definition
PPC0 LIBRARY definition
PPC2 LIBRARY definition
PRIVATE OPT: enable private data
PRIVATE OBJECT: private data generation
PROC procedure definition
PTR type
PTR TO type
PUBLIC OBJECT: public data generation
PutByte() internal function: put a byte/ubyte
PutLong() internal function: put a long/ulong
PutWord() internal function: put a word/uword
RAD() constant: radian value
ReadEStr() internal function: read string from input
RealEStr() internal function: convert double into an e-string
RealStr() internal function: convert double into a string
RealVal() internal function: convert string into a double
ReEStr() internal function: update changed e-string
RemEStr() internal function: free allocated e-string
RightEStr() internal function: copy some chars from right side of e-string to an e-string
RELOFS OBJECT: item offset
REPEAT REPEAT definition
REPROC REPROC better procedure return
RETURN RETURN values of procedures
Rnd() internal function: random number
RndQ() internal function: random number quick
Rol() internal function: roll number left
Ror() internal function: roll number right
RPROC arguments use registers instead of stack
SELECT SELECT definition
SET SET constant definition
SetColour() internal function: set screen colour
SetEStr() internal function: set e-string length
SETOPT Preset user OPTions
SetStdRast() internal function: set default rastport
Shl() internal function: shift number left
Shr() internal function: shift number right
Sign() internal function: sign of a value
SIN() constant: sinus
SINH() constant: hyper sinus
SIZEOF size of type/object
SizePooled() internal function: size of AllocVecPooled() memory chunk
SQRT() square root
StrAdd() internal function: add to string
StrCmp() internal function: compare two strings
StrCopy() internal function: copy to string
STRING e-string definition
StringF() internal function: format string
StrLen() internal function: length of a string
SUB SUB definition
TAN() constant: tangent
TANH() constant: hyper tangent
THEN IF definition
TDEF type definition
TO FOR definition
TO SELECT: arrays
TPROC typed procedure definition
TrimStr() internal function: skip white spaces in a string
TRUE internal constant: -1
UBYTE type
UByte() internal function: get an unsigned byte
ULONG type
ULong() internal function: get an (unsigned) long
UNION type
UNTIL REPEAT definition
UNTILN REPEAT definition
UWORD type
UWord() internal function: get an unsigned word
Val() internal function: convert string to number
WaitIMessage() internal function: wait for window's message
WHILE WHILE definition
WHILEN WHILE definition
WITH WITH definition
WORD type
Word() internal function: get a word