Options are in PowerD introduced by keyword 'OPT' or 'GOPT', it can be defined everywhere outside PROCedures.
OPT defines local source options. If You define this in a module and use this module, all of the options will be used only in the module, not in source where do You use the module via MODULE keyword. Some of option keywords are always global since as local they are nonsensefull, all of these are signed with *. If GOPT used, all options will be known as global and will be used everywhere.
If You use keywords like HEAD or NOHEAD, always the last one will be used.

and You can use your own OPTions.
  OPT NOHEAD,LINK='algos.o',LINK='d:lib/amiga.lib',DEST='calc'

This compiles source without a head to #?.o file and link this #?.o file with algos.o and amiga.lib files into the 'calc' executable.
  OPT OBJECT='hd2:objects/proggy.o',DEST='hd2:proggy'

This will generate the object file into 'hd2:objects/proggy.o' and then it will be everything linked into 'hd2:proggy'