Name 68kppc Description
Abs() YesYes absolute value
YesYes allocate memory
And() InlInl bit and
BitCount() YesYes count of bits in long
BitSize() YesYes size of bit field in long
Bounds() YesYes bound a value
Box() YesYes draw a box
Byte() InlInl get a byte
Circle() YesYes draw a circle
CloseS() YesYes close a screen
CloseW() YesYes close a window
Colour() YesYes set default colour
CStrCmp() YesYes compare two strings C-like
CtrlC() YesYes check if Ctrl+C pressed
CtrlD() YesYes check if Ctrl+D pressed
CtrlE() YesYes check if Ctrl+E pressed
CtrlF() YesYes check if Ctrl+F pressed
Dispose() YesYes free a memory
Double() InlInl get a double
Ellipse() YesYes draw an ellipse
EOr() InlInl bit exclusive or
EStrAdd() YesYes add to e-string
EStrCopy() YesYes copy to e-string
EStringF() YesYes format e-string
EStrLen() YesInl length of an e-string
EStrMax() YesInl maximal length of an e-string
Even() YesYes returns TRUE in value is even
F2I() YesInl float to integer conversion with rounding
FileLength() YesYes returns file length
Float() InlInl get a float
YesYes(?) frees a pooled memory
HiBit() YesYes highest bit in long
HiChar() YesYes make the character upper
InBounds() YesYes checks, if value is between bounds
Inp() YesYes reads byte from a file
InStr() YesNo position of str b in str a
IsAlpha() YesYes true if the character is a letter
IsBin() YesYes true if the character is a binary number
IsHex() YesYes true if the character is a hexadecimal number
IsNum() YesYes true if the character is a decimal number
KickVersion() YesYes true if given version is lower of equal to system
Line() YesYes draw a line
LoBit() YesYes lowest bit in long
LoChar() YesYes make the character lower
Long() InlInl get a long
LowerStr() YesYes translates str to lower case
Max() YesYes bigger of two
MidEStr() YesNo copy somewhere to e-string
Min() YesYes smaller of two
Mouse() YesYes check if mouse pressed
MouseX() YesInl mouse position x
MouseXY() YesInl mouse position x,y
MouseY() YesInl mouse position y
Neg() InlInl negative value
New() YesYes internal function: allocate memory
NewM() YesYes internal function: allocate memory with type
NewR() YesYes internal function: allocate memory or raise
NewEStr() YesNo allocate new e-string
Not() InlInl inverse value
Odd() YesYes returns TRUE in value is odd
OpenS() YesYes open a screen
OpenW() YesYes open a window
Or() InlInl bit or
OStrCmp() YesYes compares two strings ordered
OStrCmpNC() YesYes compares two strings ordered, case independent
Out() YesYes writes byte to a file
Plot() YesYes draw a pixel
Pow() YesYes power
PutByte() InlInl put a byte/ubyte
PutDouble() InlInl put a double
PutFloat() InlInl put a float
PutLong() InlInl put a long/ulong
PutWord() InlInl put a word/uword
ReadEStr() YesYes read string from file/stdio
RealEStr() YesYes contert double into an e-string
RealStr() YesYes contert double into a string
RealVal() YesYes contert string into a double
ReEStr() YesYes(?) update changed e-string
ReByte() InlInl strip to signed byte
RemEStr() YesNo free allocated e-string
ReUByte() InlInl strip to unsigned byte
ReUWord() InlInl strip to unsigned word
ReWord() InlInl strip to signed word
RightEStr() YesNo copy some chars from right side of e-string to an e-string
Rnd() YesYes random number
RndQ() YesYes random number quick
Rol() InlInl roll number left
Ror() InlInl roll number rigth
SetColour() YesNo set screen colour
SetEStr() YesYes(?) set e-string length
SetStdRast() YesYes set default rastport
Shl() InlInl shift number left
Shr() InlInl shift number rigth
Sign() YesYes sign of a value
SizePooled() InlInl size of AllocVecPooled() memory chunk
StrAdd() YesYes add to string
StrCmp() YesYes compare two strings
StrCmpNC() YesYes compare two strings, case independent
StrCopy() YesYes copy to string
StringF() YesYes format string
StrLen() YesYes length of a string
TrimStr() YesYes skip white spaces in a string
UByte() InlInl get an unsigned byte
ULong() InlInl get an (unsigned) long
UWord() InlInl get an unsigned word
Val() YesYes convert string to number
WaitIMessage() YesYes wait for window's message
Word() InlInl get a word
WriteF() YesYes write a string to stdout
functions in total 108102

Yes = the function is in powerd.lib (resp. powerd_ppc.lib).
No = the function isn't in powerd.lib yet.
Inl = the function is inlined.