It is simple, I wanted to use fpu, but AmigaE didn't work with it directly, so I used bettermath modules (by Michal Bartczak) and later I did my own fpu modules, but it was quite frustrating when I wanted add a to b to use a function. All that time I got an idea to create my owm programming language, because I was sure that AmigaE will never use fpu and newer processors.

At the beginning of the 1998 I started to play with equation reading, simple compilers, etc. In the middle of 1998 I started working on PowerD.

In march 99 Wouter van Oortmerssen (author of AmigaE) stopped developing of AmigaE. At this time I was sure to continue my developing. (Many times I wanted to stop it because of unsolvable problems, but at last I solved them all :^))

When I got Amiga (1993), I got some 3d raytracing programs and I was lost... I wanted to create my own 3d raytracing program that will be better then all other, but in which programming language should I do it? I could work only with AMOS basic, and it is not good to do 3d raytracing program in basic. I started to learn assembler (1994), it is also not good programming language to create so big project (it could have many MB of assembler source). Then I tried Pascal and C. One is worse then the second. Later (in 1995) I tried AmigaE. Wow, really fast and short programs! I started to work on my own 3d raytracing program. I registered it in 1996. Everything looked good, but I bought Blizzard 1230/50 with 16MB of RAM and FPU. AmigaE wasn't enough at this time. I tried C, but returning max one value per function is incredibly few (AmigaE can return 3 values). So I did something in AmigaE and something in C.

This was the time to create a language what will be good for everything!