PowerD is full-featured programming language with several capabilities missed in other programming languages, it produces fast and short executables. It supports both 68xxx and PowerPC processors. It's suited for all AmigaOS and compatible environments, including those emulated ones. There is support for all important devices including AHI, Warp3D, RTG, MUI and much more, and what's most important, it has nice syntax! It's evolved from AmigaE/CreativE syntax, but PowerD goes much farer and extends it's features to maximum. You should give it a try and make Your own opinion, You wouldn't regret it! :)
  • Requirements:
    • an Amiga (or pegasos or efika or uae) :)
    • some memory, 4 megs should be enough for small projects, 16 megs recommended for medium projects (upto 200 kB source), (1 MB source requires about 50 megs of free memory)
    • hard drive with about 5-6 megs of free space
    • fpu isn't requied be the compiler itself, but generated proggies requires fpu, if floats are used
    • mc68ec020 or faster, 68040 strongly recommended
    • os3.0 or newer
    • powerpc processor hardware and powerpc.library for ppc-generated proggies

  • PowerPC support:
    • PowerPC support starts to be quite stable. I'm working on it as much as I can. But my time is very short, so the development speed isn't very high... If You find some problems, please contact me about it!
  • Some of features (when comparing with C):
    • more operators
      • swap (:=:)
      • rotate (<| and >|)
      • and more
    • multiple return values from single function (C/C++ supports only one!)
      • 68k processors: 8 integer and 8 float return values
      • powerpc processors: 8 integer and 13 float return values
    • static inlined lists
    • it is still under heavy development and many new features can appear
    • multi pass compilation
    • etc. etc.

  • Do You miss any developer files in PowerD? If so, please contact me.

Successfully tested machines:
  • PowerMac 2xG5/2500+1024 MB
  • PowerMac 2xG4/1833+1536 MB
  • PowerBook G4/1667+1024 MB
  • Pegasos1+G3/600+256 MB
  • A4000T+060/50+604e/200+144 MB
  • A1200+060/50+64 MB
  • WinUAE

last update: 8.8.2013, Martin Kuchinka, www.kuchinka.cz.

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PowerD projects: