• 20.1.2014: added PowerD projects links in the right panel
  • 8.8.2013: minor updates and fixes of several online documents, updated docs will have a small footage with update date, contact email and site address
  • 24.7.2013: web page moved from www.tbs-software.com to www.kuchinka.cz
  • 5.5.2008:
  • prerelease of 0.30 version.
  • 24.9.2007:
    • one more year has gone, and PowerD homepage updated quite a lot, the php layout seams to work quite well
    • PowerD itself is moving into new shape, well, it's the same, as it was, but there are a lot of internal changes
    • and the MorphOS native code generator should appear soon!
  • 25.8.2006:
    • this homepage layout (and colours) has changed, now it's nice white, and what more... it's in PHP now! lots of changes is going to happen with this site, i hope, you will be satisfied! if you have any sugestions, please let me known...
  • 3.8.2006:
    • too long time since last update... i know... too many personal reasons...
    • anyway, something started to happen again... i fixed some minor problems on this website, update some stuff
    • more will come soon
  • 29.6.2003:
    • Uploaded new 0.21 update in download section.
  • 9.6.2003:
    • Added/Updated few files in download section.
  • 1.4.2003:
    • fixed bug of this page, now works also in MSInternetExplorer
  • 30.3.2003:
    • complete exchange of this homepage
    • Uploaded the 0.20 full release
    • Uploaded the non-finished czech documentation
  • 15.1.2003:
    • improved look of this homepage :)
  • 4.1.2003:
    • from now You can access this page with nicer powerd.zde.cz url.
    • Uploaded the 0.20 alpha4 update. This is the last alpha release, I have released. All the next releases will be (as before) a new revision number (like 0.21, 0.22, 0.23 and so), because it's somehow annoying to work for one year on a single revision... I hope You will understand it.
      What's new with this last alpha release? Well, again several bugfixes, but there is also one new executable called 'dc_68k', which is the same as 'dc' except that this executable generates the 68k only code, so it's only for ppl with older non ppc Amigas. Else it's completely the same as the 'dc' compiler.
    • Uploaded the TextInput.mcc modules by Miklos Nemeth.
  • 17.12.2002:
  • 15.12.2002:
    • Uploaded the XVS modules by Michel Bagmeijer.
    • Fixed the dmod_ahi.readme where I forgot to credit Michel Bagmeijer, sorry Michel!!!
  • 10.11.2002:
    • Uploaded the 0.20 alpha3 update.
    • Uploaded the AHI archive for AHI audio usage by Philippe van Calsteren.
  • 27.10.2002:
    • Updated the mcc_toolbar archive, a new example.
    • Updated the mcc_htmltext archive, a new example.
    • Added links to important/interesting pages at the bottom of this page.
  • 13.10.2002:
    • Uploaded the 0.20 alpha2 update.
    • Uploaded the PTReplay archive for replaying protracker modules.
  • 18.8.2002:
    • Uploaded the 0.20 alpha1 update.
    • Updated the Warp3D archive.
    • Updated the MUI archive.
    • Updated the Picasso96 archive.
    • Updated the DIGIBoosterPro player archive.
    • Uploaded the Identify.library archive.
    • In previous weeks were unable to download lzx archives, problem was eliminated by my web provider, from now should be everything ok.

last update: 20.1.2014, Martin Kuchinka, www.kuchinka.cz.

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