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Newest version
PowerD v0.31 1.8.2010 1097Viewfull 0.31 prerelease
PowerD v0.30 5.5.2008 1097Viewfull 0.30 prerelease
PowerD v0.21 update 29.6.2003 192View0.21 update
PowerD v0.20 30.3.2003 957ViewFull 0.20 release
Czech docs 30.3.2003 70ViewCzech documentation, not finished!!!
Other projects
Maper 1.0 30.12.2000 33ViewEasy to use 2d (multilevel) map creator.
NumConv v1.5 26.7.2001 8ViewSmall simple number conversion utility.

Miscelaneous files
Modules and examplesAuthorUpdateArchiveListComment/History
AHI PVC 9.6.2003 24 Viewahi.device dev kit for PowerD
AMarquee Desco 12.5.2002 5 Viewamarquee.library dev kit for PowerD
AmiTCP Examples Desco 31.5.2002 3 ViewAmiTCP examples in PowerD
AmiTCP Modules Desco 31.5.2002 56 ViewAmiTCP dev kit for PowerD
BetterString.mcc Desco 26.5.2002 3 ViewBetterString.mcc dev kit for PowerD
DBPlayer MarK 14.8.2002 19 ViewDBPlayer.library dev kit for PowerD
ID3Tag Desco 26.5.2002 7 ViewID3Tag.library dev kit for PowerD
Identify MarK 14.8.2002 19 ViewIdentify.library dev kit for PowerD
JPEG DMX 9.6.2003 8 Viewjpeg.library dev kit for PowerD
Lamp.mcc Desco 12.5.2002 3 ViewLamp.mcc dev kit for PowerD
MPEGA Desco 26.5.2002 5 ViewMPEGA.library dev kit for PowerD
MMU DMX 10.6.2002 9 Viewmmu.library (and related) dev kit for PowerD
MUI MarK 14.8.2002 215 ViewMUIMaster.library dev kit for PowerD
MUI HTMLText.mcc Desco27.10.2002 7 ViewHTMLText.mcc dev kit for PowerD
MUI ToolBar.mcc Desco27.10.2002 15 ViewToolBar.mcc dev kit for PowerD
NListView.mcc Desco 28.7.2002 47 ViewnList.mcc dev kit for PowerD, Updated by DMX
NListTree.mcc Desco 26.5.2002 20 ViewnListTree.mcc dev kit for PowerD
OpenURL Desco 9.6.2003 6 Viewby DMX; OpenURL.library dev kit for PowerD
Picasso96 MarK 14.8.2002 34 ViewPicasso96API.library dev kit for PowerD
PopUpMenu Desco 26.5.2002 14 ViewPopUpMenu.library dev kit for PowerD
PTReplay MarK13.10.2002 6 ViewPTReplay.library dev kit for PowerD
RTGMaster MarK 9.12.2001 68 ViewRTGMaster library dev kit for PowerD
SpeedBar.mcc Desco 26.5.2002 6 ViewSpeedBar.mcc dev kit for PowerD
TextEditor.mcc Desco17.12.2002 16 ViewTextEditor.mcc dev kit for PowerD
TextInput.mcc Desco20.12.2002 10 ViewTextInput.mcc dev kit for PowerD
ttengine DMX 9.6.2003 54 Viewttengine.library dev kit for PowerD
Warp3D v4 MarK 14.8.2002 89 ViewWarp3D v4 dev kit for PowerD
XPKMaster Desco 12.5.2002 3 ViewXPKMaster.library dev kit for PowerD
XVS DMX15.12.2002 3 Viewxvs.library dev kit for PowerD

Files required or recomended for download (for older than 0.30 releases)
PhxAss ???PhxAss assembler by Frank Wille, this archive is required for download
VLink ???VLink linker by Frank Wille, this archive is required for download
PAsm ???VLink linker by Frank Wille, this archive is required for PowerPC compiling

last update: 1.8.2010, Martin Kuchinka,

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