I'm Martin Kuchinka, I was born in 1978 and was a proud owner of Amiga computers since 16.10.1993. Even eadlier, than this date, I was programming for Amiga in AMOS Basic, and I published my work and gave lessons in AMOS programming to everyone interested. Later, AMOS was simply not enough for my needs, I had an A1200 with AGA chipset, and AMOS was capable of only OCS chipset, so I started to look for another language, that would satisfy my needs. I tried C and Pascal, but non of these was for my satisfactory, because i couldn't develop larger projects with them on my unexpanded A1200 with only a HDD. Then I have found a PhxAss shell assembler, and thanks to AmigaReview/AtlantidaNews articles about 68k assembler, I learnt to programm in assembler. I loved it, it was very fast, and highly optimisable, and it required lots of programmer experience in AmigaOS. After some time, when my projects started to grow and grow, and changes started to be quite difficult to implement... and so I started to find another language, and I found AmigaE... very nice, very simple, extremely fast even on my unexpanded A1200. I loved it. After some time, I again started to look for another features, because AmigaE didn't support FPU, and I was very interested in 3D programming, and it's float arithmetics was very... ugly. This was in about 1998, when I started to play with my own routines to generate my own assembler code from AmigaE sources... But AmigaE sources was also quite limitating, and so I called it D... PowerD. In 1999 i published first release of my own programming language. The progress was very fast, almost daily updated thanks to several bug reporters (thanks men!!!), but after few years, I left the university and got to a serious work... And it almost killed my programming, from that time, updates was much rarer, in 2003 i almost stopped the development completely... PowerPC support wasn't very stable, and usable... but with long pauses, I was still worked on PowerD itself, and I programmed all my other projects with PowerD, and nothing else. Now, 10 years later, the PowerD development is somehow reborn, I won't promise daily updates, but I work on it and my other projects quite hard in my free time. It's 2013...

If You have any suggestions, opinions, ideas or whatever else, feel free and send me an email!

last update: 8.8.2013, Martin Kuchinka, www.kuchinka.cz.

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